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About Mooreliving

Gavin MooreThe origional company was founded by Gavin Moore in 1989 when he first patented his building system for Insulated Precast panels and holds the rights to patents no’s 248942, 248941. The system has been Fire Rated and Structural Load Tested by BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand), a Government funded organisation used for certifying new products.

After spending several years perfecting his Insulated Precast construction methods, he formed Mooreliving New Zealand. Through this company Gavin franchised his technology to builders all over New Zealand. It has constructed over the years approximately 5000 contempory designed homes to date, making it the largest concrete home builder in Australiasia.

In 2003, it branched into commercial residential unit developments in Queenstown and Auckland, over 400 high end residential units ranging in price from $450,000 NZD to $1.2 Million NZD were constructed. In order to achieve this we had to effectively double our capacity which gave us new insights into the supply of precast panels.

We are currently working with partners in Australia, India, Africa and the USA to increase our production bases and open into ever expanding markets. In 2008, Gavin Moore sold Mooreliving NZ to the largest franchise operator so he could spend more time developing the mold system and to concentrate on expanding Internationally.

After the sucesses in the New Zealand market, Mooreliving now aims to supply high volume new homes through out the world. To achieve a solid infrastructure in which Mooreliving precast homes can be seen as a major market force. And with the current extreme weather conditions destroying homes and work places, we see it as an achievable goal.

In 2007, Mooreliving India was formed and it secured a 120,000 home contract to supply low cost homes for the poor in the state of Hyderabad, but due to political unrest this project was delayed for 2 years in which time it was certified and approved by the Indian Government after building 6 test homes to get local Indian owners approval and acceptance of the finished house.

In 2008, we introduced to the molding techniques our fast and effecient edge form system to the horizontal bed molds.

In 2009, we constructed and tested our vertical mold system that produces 10 panels per 8 hour shift, whilst also reducing production costs by over 30%.