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This is Moorelivings original tried and tested building system, which has been in use for over 30 years. In this system concrete panels are used as a replacement for traditional building materials such as brick and wood.

This method is well suited to the residential market due to the systems versatility which allows a wide range of plans to be used in the construction. In this system the precast panels feature an insulated polystyrene core which helps maintain the internal temperature year round.

The panels are delivered to the construction site where they are erected and the floor is poured in to the building. Once set the roof trusses are constructed, if the building is mulit-story then the second story panels are lifted into place. The roof can now be constructed and installed.


The doors and windows can also be installed to complete the outside of the home. The house is now ready to have the linings and internal fittings installed and would proceed as would with any building. One of the benefits of this system is that no internal load bearing walls are required, this means the interior can be tailored to the clients specifications.

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