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The M³ system was developed to provide a modular transportable housing system that features all the benefits of existing products but created using Moorelivings panels.

Drawing on our extensive experience in with precast panels, we designed the M³ The system that combines a series of cubes to create the overall building, this allows for complete flexibility in the layout and allows us to deliver dwellings from 1 to 4+ bedrooms.

The cubes are constructed using panels for the walls, roof and floor which are assembled using the patented M³ system. Once the walls have been formed into the cube, it is moved to our finishing facility where it has internal walls, lights, carpet, furniture, plumbing and appliances installed in preparation for shipping.

Once all the cubes are ready, they are delivered to the building site for installation and completion of associated site works. However all that is required for occupancy is the connection of utilities, this allows rapid deployment when required.

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